The stock cooler topped out at about FSB. I should mention that the system was not stable enough for benchmarks here. Therefore more than tweleve hours of benchmarking went into the SYSMark scores alone. There’s been a lot of discussions, reviews and benchmarks done, and although the PAT is a nice feature, the performance gains may or may not be something you’ll be able to justify as a must have, considering the price difference. Again, ABIT is thinking about the enthusiast. IS7 – Sound On. Street Racer settings as well.

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IS7 – Sound On. What happens when we up the resolution and detail level to settings most people would play with a similar setup? No overclocking was done on the video card. Log in Don’t have an account? The chip allows for the connection of three IEEE devices. As we’ve seen here at VL, the ticket to top Pentium is7/is7-g/is7- performance comes with the Canterwood, but a quick look around though, and you’ll see that ks7/is7-g/is7-e performance comes at a price.

It is possible that boards you buy as of today may already have it, but the BIOS is official, and ready for download now.

Now that you have the basic understanding of the features, we can go ahead and look at is7/iz7-g/is7-e layout! If you are using good memory like we are Corsair XMS PC the memory module should be able to work with “Ultra mode,” which brings the system highest performance; meanwhile, “Turbo mode” also improves the performance to a lesser degree.


Sound eats into the CPU, and some annoying areas in layout design.

This goes to show you that occasionally, your CPU needs to be burned in. This is also where the end user goes to enable the “performance mode” for the memory. At FSB, things ran much better, but after about 30 minutes, the system would lock up again. As we’ve seen with the nForce 2, and the Canterwood, this technology can add a significant boost to system performance.

One design issue I see is that the AGP slot is lined up with the edge of the ram slots.

Tests will be done with the same hardware configuration as the rest of the benchmarks, except we’ll only be displaying the Pentium 4 2. As we’ve seen in the benchmarks today, similar performance between ABIT’s implementation of the Springdale and Canterwood. UT2K3 s a real system killer, and can bring many systems to bkos knees. Just a quick plug to Plain Label PC for hooking us up with the sbit.

In practice, it is possible to jimmy the ram out with an AGP card installed, which I have done, but it isn’t easy.

Abit IS7-G Bios Driver – TechSpot

Quake 3 Arena, x Other than that, performance trends are in line with those found in SiSoft, so maybe it’s time to checkout some real world benchmarks. The Athlon XP was a processor for the enthusiasts, but now that the Pentium 4 “C” has arrived with a fast relatively cheap chipset Springdale I see more and more people jumping over on aabit Intel bandwagon as a result of these new Intel abot lines.


Please note that below each board’s brand name is the default speed at which it runs when using the Intel 3. We used the [H]ardocp UT Benchmarking utility version 2. The price is right also, although I should point out that this is a fully loaded IS7. Interested in this stuff? Again, ABIT is thinking about the enthusiast. When it comes down to it, at high resolution and detail levels, the onboard sound’s CPU utilization will not be a factor at all.

Abit Mainboard IS7/IS7-G/IS7-E BIOS Version 1.7

There are five three-pin fan headers one which is used by the Northbridge fanwhich should be more than enough for the majority of users. I managed to take is7/os7-g/is7-e screenshot, and save it, but a few minutes later, the system locked up.

Sound quality has always been good, but CPU utilization has also always been higher than others.

Now, the reality is you’ll be hard pressed getting above FSB without some great cooling. Not bad for a chipset geared at the mainstream user.

IC7 bos Pre Game Accelerator. The ability to add some extra juice is sometimes the difference between a constantly crashing setup, or a rock solid PC.

The next overclock was FSB, and in order to do so, we needed to run the ram at 5:

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