Air Mbps 3×3 Plug and Play – pre-paired pack of devices. Equipment that potentially cause interference include ceiling fans, home security systems, electrical fences, floodlights, microwaves, PCs, and cordless phones handset and base. I will note that I had a bad Ethernet cable that limited my Ethernet connection to Mbps, which confirmed that the AirTies will always use the Ethernet backhaul even if it is slower then the WiFi mesh. Underneath them is a button for WPS setup, this is primarily used to add additional nodes to the network, but more on that later. Do I really have to reconnect them every time I reboot? This is typically also the path people follow — the staircase.

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Anonc Anon Feb 3: It has never been this easy to; To visualise your network map with performance data.

Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? I’m also thinking that the amplitude changes I’m seeing is just an artifact of sampling two carriers of the same SSID on the same frequency.

So far in my testing I have found that the AirTies mesh units provide a faster speed and better coverage than my RG. AirTies Air Access Points establish a wireless mesh network between the nodes using the 5GHz spectrum or Ethernet cable where convenient and then allows wireless clients to connect to the various nodes via either the 5GHz Wireless Video Operator grade video streaming capable.


If your coverage is good now, no need to get another. Second, there is only a single 2. Just plugged them in and they updated the firmware and came online.

It’s almost as if the Airtie is transmitting on the same frequency as the modem and is then turning its carrier on and off.

AirTies Mesh was designed to optimize wireless coverage range in the least invasive etherndt most power efficient manner. Improved coverage and performance Mbps. If there is something wrong with the setup process or if the nodes are out of range, the indicators will turn red.

A mesh architecture also allows you to easily expand the range of your Wi-Fi service by adding more mesh nodes in areas with poor coverage. Plug and Play – pre-paired pack of devices.

AirTies Air AC Wireless Mesh Extension Single Access Point (Extension Only)

Quick setup using mobile application. Unlike a typical home network which is built around a centralised hub, a mesh network consists of multiple Access Points communicating with each other on a peer-to-peer basis. There is however a practical limitation in that all devices on a single Access Point share the capacity. When your next door neighbour is downloading a large file or watching a video, airtiss reduces your Wi-Fi speed when you are using the same frequency channel.

What is the range of each device? Use the power adapter that came tehernet your AirTies Access Point. The AirTies Mesh 4-pack decentralises your Wi-Fi architecture to enable you to cover every inch of your home or office in class-leading Wi-Fi.


AirTies Air 4920 AC1600 Wireless Mesh Extension Single Access Point (Extension Only)

Avoid using third party adapters which may not have been tested for compatibility with AirTies. The wireless mesh link between the two Air units can also be replaced with an Ethernet cable where and if convenient.

Avoid placing anything on top of ehernet Access Point or blocking the air vents in any way. The Meshed Wi-Fi service would even survive one of the Access Points being shut down, as data will follow other paths to reach its destination. Large etherndt surfaces and objects. This feature is especially useful in environments with high interference or where there are substantial obstacles to transmit through: You can extend the range of your network by adding more devices using our mesh.

Signal strength while next to the Access Point with clear line of sight is normally between dB to dB- this is the ideal condition. AirTies is doing precisely this. Lenard to dave Member Feb 1: I will say that mine are using Ethernet for backhaul. Client devices with older Wi-Fi technology can degrade the performance of your entire network, especially when they are in areas of weak signal.

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