Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In this way, the wireless network map is completely fluid and flexible, never using potentially wasteful static routes. Plug and Play – pre-paired pack of devices. AirTies is doing precisely this. Interference Avoidance Technology Wi-Fi networks and the subsequent interference are everywhere these days.

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Improved coverage and performance Mbps.

The green led on it is working and I can connect to the internet. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. If you can use the airtkes, I will send a patch to kernel maintainers.

AirTies Air AC Wireless Mesh Extension Single Access Point (Extension Only)

AirTies Mesh was designed to optimize wireless coverage range in the least invasive and most power efficient manner. Pilot6, I have done as you asked. Auto Mesh increases the efficiency of air time and is woreless beneficial for real time wireless video distribution. DoC for Air Mounting the AirTies Air to the wall has some key benefits; you get them out of the way, you free up space, and it looks better, too. Enjoy high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity aairties drastically increases stability, coverage and speed.


Regardless, I think this solution worked.


The device will automatically enter idle mode immediately when there is no network access. It constantly reevaluates clients, applications and data flows to maximize wireless network capabilities. The power consumption of the device in idle mode is measured when all wired network ports are connected and all wireless network ports are activated.

Ergonomically designed, with a 10x10x8 cm small form factor, takes up minimum space. Please open a terminal and do: Auto Mesh increases the efficiency of air time and is particularly beneficial for real time wireless video distribution. The collective mesh employs intelligent algorithms to ensure the most optimal connection to all clients at all times. Personalize Wi-Fi — change settings for one AP; network follows. This will disable the internal wifi.

Please try the chili answer.

AirTies Wireless Networks – Air

The extensible architecture allows you to cover every inch of your home or office in premium quality Wi-Fi that amply caters for current and future bandwidth hungry application. There is no visible indicator or LED that will show that the device is in idle mode. By installing the small and sleek AirTies Air Wireless-N USB Adapter uwb your desktop, you can get rid of the clutter airties usb wireless meters of cable that you used to connect your computers with.


Easy Installation And Expansion You do not have to be a technical specialist to install or manage this premium quality Wi-Fi mesh. However, I am using it on a laptop with an internal wifi card that I cannot disable, that may change my results. I will tell you how to disable the internal wifi.

Manage Wi-Fi — interop with operator grade management servers. Wireless network ports of the device can be deactivated manually through Wireless menu in Web UI of the device.

AirTies Managed Mesh Solution

As Wi-Fi specialists, AirTies has revolutionised the industry by developing a robust and cost-effective mesh technology that is easy to install and use. AirTouch everyone this makes it possible to perform complex settings with a airties usb wireless touch of a button. Works with any Standard Modem. We need to test if it really works.

But it may need some additional steps, if it does not. Drastically improves stability and survivability.

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