Find More Posts by Goobersbro. Originally Posted by austinaubinoe. Will a cop take the time out to inspect your wheels? You have to deflate the tires to 0 pressure to do that properly. Originally Posted by 9T3XJ It’s already been posted over there, still doesn’t make beadlocks illegal. I don’t daily drive them but I have 17″ raceline monster beadlocks on my TJ crawler with 42″ Pitbull rockers that I do occasionally drive on the road. The time now is

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Change My Email Address. The only locks Beadllocks would run on the street are Stauns. Last edited by flatlander; at I did a lot of research on it before I posted the “bounty” on it What does everyone with out bead locks air down too? Password Please enter a password for your user account.


I am not looking at the Staun internals either. If you’re not going to use them off road, I really couldn’t recommend them for street looks. Want to add to the discussion? I have read it is very difficult to balance them. Who has beadlocks on their daily driver? You’ll be fine DDing on beadlockss.


And if you are careful and do everything right, you are no more likely to have a problem than anyone else. The more I think about it, there’s probably a lot better things I could spend my money on It’s not my primary mode of transportation, but it sees a lot of road time.

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I am looking at putting a set on my YJ, you could consider it a daily driver as I ussually drive it to work 25 miles one way 65mph at least 2x week or more. Find all posts by wheeling XRC 8 Comp winch.

Bead lock wheels for a daily driver? : 4×4

Working on it Future Mods: Contact Us – Toyota – 4Runner. I get absolutely zero vibrations. You need to check them often to make sure none of the bolts are backing out.

Originally Posted by Northernmedic View Post. I ran trail ready’s on the street and never neadlocks a problem.

WOW, those look nice! So the setup I was thinking is 20×10″ spyder beadlocks with 35x The only place that would do it was a local mom and pop tire place. Rock Hard Cage pushing up my ATX Slab with Toyo mud 37x Originally Posted by swapmeet I’ve been doing a lot of reading on other forums about Beadlock wheels.


Are there bead lock look a likes that might be better for daily? BB code is On.

Smittybilt front stinger Future Mods: Find all posts by heepxj. For the record i wheel my truck in the rocks and desert here in NM every weekend at without worry of losing a bead. Originally Posted by NateMob Be ready for the posts about them being non street legal and how youll end up crashing and burning to death.

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