How do I know these things? Help FAQs Go to top. The one you linked is the same one I’m looking to purchase, and it’s a w. Then you drive the horn driver with an amp of your choice. I recommend 6 feet or so of clear non-toxic plastic tube size: Do I need a 50w amp to drive this, or should I stay on the low side? My main concern is the size and power rating of the amp I need to use.

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Obviously, I don’t want to takbox w into it. What I would like to end up with is something that carries an internal amplifier, has an instrument and microphone input, and a single line output.

Check out some of my demo clips here: I could repair the controlls, jacks and switches, djy as far as the electronics, they were multilaterd boards with a tone of chips. Just kidding of cource.

DIY Talkbox Build | Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum

Keep on mind, you are going to be putting all that horn power in your mouth and it can rattel your teeth. There horb an old Craig Anderton book that shows how to do it That’s going to be pretty dirty, no? I think that is brilliant.

I couldnt even find a schematic for them, but once you get look under the hood you know why they cost so much.


I step on it no signal would pass, then in bypass more it would feed an amp that would drive the horn driver, sound would pass up the plastic tube and The sound would reflect off the back of the throught into the mic. Above is a diagram of a better method to amplifiy your talk box. I’m looking at an Eminence driver 50w rms midrange. Here is the top half duct taped to the bottom half.

I put 4 cuts into the coupler sider so a hose clamp would squeeze it on the throat.

Building a Talkbox | General Guitar Gadgets

The ultimate set-up is the all-in-one unit. The horn I want to use is rated at w rms at 8ohms, I believe. So in the end think to sounds good. Your mouth will mask all that completely. Its actually overdrive that makes the horn work right for a voice box, but yea, you may want something cleaner and add drive to that afterwards.

JD Sleep There are a few different ways to build your own talk box.

Besides, you’ll probably run it without a talknox and to handle lower frequencies the lower the power the better. It’ll never see it’s full potential.

Any other diy talkboxes here?

Talkbox Project

The car you drive, the speedometer says it’ll top out at mph, right? When you get board of using the talk box thay make for a handy practice amp too. There are lots of nice low power amps available these days, as well as plans for building your own. Then i put that whole assembly into a 4″ pvc talkhox cap.


The problem is finding a good driver that hits midrange at a low enough wattage. The problem is now diyy an amp that can drive it at sufficient levels.

Building a Talkbox

The amp is 10watt so it not as much sound comin out of the hose as i wiuld like. This unit will plug in between your guitar and amp, just like any talbkox effects pedal. It is heavy duty and rated for 60watts Around 15 watts seems a common size, and should work great for this application.

In the diagram I showed the speaker wires in the guitar amp for clarity, there is no mod what so ever to your normal guitar amp.

So mine gets screwed on a ways and then secured with some attractive tlkbox duct tape.

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