Maube you got a syntax error? I don’t want to give up on Slitaz but it’s definitely been some work. I’m sorry for the silence Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. I’d be happy to provide any information I can, if you tell me exactly what to provide and how to get it. Post which step failed above and the result.

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Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

New Prism /3 Win9X/2K/XP drivers with WPA support : Windows

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. SET failed on device eth1 ; Operation not supported. Remove quotation marks from WEP wavlan.

And otherwise what have you already done? No lease, forking to background.

Intersil – WikiDevi

Brian Murray brian-murray on Have you tried following the link i posted, and if so where exactly did you get stuck?


Invalid WEP key 0 ‘sunny’. It seems like he blacklisted all possible drivers. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

I’m pasting the notes i was making before I discovered this solution for comparison below. Host JohnNetbook Kernel 2.

Please try again without any blacklisting. This got a DWL that was otherwise causing trouble for me working. I’m not sure it slitaz supports it. Connected Dec 20 Terminal 1 Dec 20 Register or log in – lost password? Vladimer Sichinava alinux wrote on I don’t want to give up on Slitaz but it’s definitely been some work.

Disconnected Dec 20 But when I do it won’t connect. Connected Terminal 2 Configuring eth Twitter Facebook Distrowatch Wikipedia Flattr.

USB disconnect, address 3 [ Ok well I finally got Ethernet running but I still can’t get my wifi card to work. Someone suggested interrsil here: I’m assuming it could be a firmware issue but I just wanted some opinions and some help to configure and fix this. Add tags Tag help.


Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Version 1. I just can’t seem to get the wifi to work. I’ve tried to configure my wirless and I thought it worked for a moment but now I cant get eth1 to connect. Scott, can you please also run: I’m sorry for the silence The module loaded and now I have eth1 along with my lo and eth0.

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