After install completes, power up your MOTU audio interface. The system generally runs for 5 days straight. Mystic38 Max Output Level: I sincerely doubt that it is the Motu unit itself – if it’s speaking at all via some audio method, then it should work for all. The minimum required legacy Windows versions are Vista SP2. Mac OS X version

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[SOLVED] (sort of) MOTU no longer working in ASIO driver mode

Of course, first back up any project data if necessary. Power down your MOTU hardware. Unzip and double-click installer, enter OSX Administrator password, choose PCI install option, follow on-screen instructions, and restart.

Maybe it’s a problem resulting from wear and tear. Most likely, there’s either some corruption or confusion within the registry concerning installed drivers.

• mk III – Windows – audio stops, asio ok until usb reset

An old trick I learned back in my Unix days was how to activate a aio on a remote computer and route it to my own workstation. Unfortunately, it sounded dirty and the motu oscilloscope shows that the same packet of slightly corrupted audio data was coming through the asio buffer switch part of the sine wave was being cut off. This installer version 4.


Right-click on Computer and choose Properties. I connected it to a much older pc like not even pentium 3 it works without any problems. This changed pitch and eventually stopped over a couple of minutes. I log all asio messages that indicate and changes or resets etc and nothing appears. Supported MOTU products include: The latest problem occurs after running the software for a number of hours. I was really hoping the clock source setting on the second mktu was the problem.

User Control Panel Log out. Heck, my backup Qsio, circaworks just as good as the day I bought jotu. People say it’s ok to put your DAW online. Fort Worth, TX Status: In this case, that really big me in the rear, tho!

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I have to power it off for hours, then turn it back on and it’s OK. Who knew an audio interface could be a security risk? Use this install if you are using one of the supported interfaces below, and are running OSX Net and IE security ones.

I am not sure how long yet, as it occurs overnight.

Video drivers can wreak havoc on multimedia timing! I’ve tried so many things before! The same thing happened when I had tried daisy-chaining the two units together via Firewire.


I will swap the two unit around just in case the main one has a faulty usb. Also, be sure to check MOTU’s free standing driver dialog: I might be able to reset the hardware, but I assume it will reset anyway when I update the firmware. At present, my buffer switch processing is over in about 0. See if that gets you up and running.

I have two mk Asuo that are a couple of months old and few actual operating hours. If you try newer ones make sure you have a back up plan to go back to the last known good one, because MOTU, Windows firewire and progress don’t always go hand in hand.

I have had other problems in the past on different PC. With Voicemeeter set as my default audio device for playback in Windows’ audio settings, I never have seen the problem arise again.

Last modified: April 21, 2020